The author and the advisory board.

the Rev. Emily J. Garcia

I'm a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. I love serving God in the Church, and I love especially to work with children, families, and people in crisis.

So why am I spending my free time collecting practical and impractical things about fashion? Because when I went to Princeton from a dinky town in Colorado, I learned that it was easier to be taken seriously if I had clothes on that people could either ignore or approve of. And because I am an artist and my mother's daughter (Hi Mom!), I wanted to combine (a) the benefits of feeding into others' ideas of what respectability and intelligence look like, with (b) my own sense of style, creativity, and culture. Ten years later, I've acquired some opinions. That's what this site is about. (Also, some things to make us laugh.)

And here are the advisors and co-authors of this site, who I would describe thusly : 

Ms. Katherine Culver

Source of fashion inspiration and wisdom whose advanced study of anthropology at Penn allows her, despite a committed atheism, to appreciate even the most arcane aspects of our tradition. Looks good in things from the 70s and 80s that no other human can wear and look good in. Best advisor on blazers. 

Ms. Nicole Benevenia

Daughter of New Jersey and of Roman Catholicism whose embrace of patterns and color is a mystery to me, whose love of Beyonce is a model of devotion, and whose sharp sass is an inspiration to us all. Speaker of hard truths and bringer of queer commentary.

The Rev. Nathan Bourne

Honorary "lady priest" who inspires us with his intersectional feminism and informs with his dry wit. When asked if he wanted to be involved, he answered, "Ooh, do I get to be the token male?" with genuine excitement.